Brand naming strategy

Developing a brand naming strategy is an important part of establishing a brand, increasing market awareness, and gaining the confidence of your target audience.

Stand out from the crowd

If you have a brand, service, or product, it needs a name, this is where our Dubai based creative team comes in. While one of the most significant aspects of your brand is its name, it can also be the most subjective. Looking at how your products or services are positioned and translating the characteristics and positioning into a name that is relevant, memorable, and ownable is what brand naming is all about.

In branding, names are a significant force. Strong names help companies stand out from the crowd by evoking an emotional response in anyone who encounters them.

A name must be meaningful. For example, product naming might be based on a characteristic or philosophy that resonates with customers, striking a chord or establishing immediate relevance. This might include modifying or elaborating on existing words rather than altogether eliminating them.


Evoke emotions

We may come up with something unique to stand out if everyone in an industry uses descriptive business names. Following the herd has its benefits, such as the credibility that comes with naming a law practice after one of its well-known partners. In this situation, we'll add a flourish or twist to the name to increase its effect while avoiding alienating current clients or customers.

In the specialist area of brand naming, we have the knowledge and experience. Our approach, which combines instinct and intuition, with strategy and discipline, creates naming solutions that meet key business objectives.

This is in line with our belief that naming a brand, a company, or a product is about more than just coming up with a list of words; it's about incorporating naming into a well-thought-out strategy. A brand's name could either make or break it.

The creative process

We would start the creative process with a namestorm session, based on our findings. We would invite a mix of people together, including you and your team, and invite them to suggest words and names. This might work. It might not. In any case, it's an excellent place to start. Our creative team will next look into every possibility that might lead to the perfect name. 

The new name could be actual or invented, short or long, logical or emotional, descriptive or imaginative. It must never, however, be dull, arrogant, or predictable. We'll also look at how taglines, phrases, images, and language can bring out a name's personality.

We think about a lot of things. Will the new name be pronounced correctly? Is it a source of negative thoughts? Or does it have a negative connotation in another language? Is it excessively long? How will it appear in print and on the web? Are there any distinguishing features that can help you uncover a powerful notion or generate intriguing graphic associations?

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