Presentation and company profile design

We design and deliver creative presentations and company profiles to showcase your products and services, on message and on brand. 

A visual story

We create company presentations that are clear, creative, and effective. We'll show you how to engage your audience with beautiful visuals. Explaining your story from your audience's point of view, ensuring that they are captivated by your message. And, whether projected, presented on a huge screen, or viewed on a tablet, we make sure your presentation design is clear and engaging.


Tell a story

Our creative team will help you cut through the clutter and organise material in a logical way that tells a complete story from start to finish. We're ready to help you no matter where you are in the process.

Whether it's a corporate pitch deck in PowerPoint, or a creative company profile in KeyNote, we're on hand to create your presentation.

Your design partners

We can work with our clients to design and deliver creative presentations that can be used as a key tools in the sales process.  

Our team of in-house presentation designers, based in Dubai, are on hand, to work closely with you - to gain a real understanding of your processes, products, and services, which ultimately means that you get a document that hits the mark from the start.

We have designed presentations and company profiles for a number of high-profile clients in the UAE and beyond, including; CAFU, Jumeirah, SABB Bank, and the UAE government, to name a few.

Contact our team today to see how we can design and deliver your sales presentations.  




Formulate – your presentation

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