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We are an experienced event branding agency based in Dubai, we design memorable identities that not only resonate with the audience but also bring the show to life. 

Brand identities that play a staring role

If it's a conference, trade show, product launch, music, or sporting extravaganza, branding plays a key role when it comes to designing and delivering a memorable event. Not only does it need to encapsulate the essence of the show but it also becomes a key asset when it comes to marketing.

Our team of event branding experts in Dubai delivers unique, creative branding, marketing, and event graphic design and collateral that will work at all stages of the event process. From the pre-event marketing and build-up, through to the day itself. Our branding and design leave a lasting impression on the exhibitors, guests, delegates, and participants - before, during, and after the show.


A strategic approach

We take a strategic approach to help us to define the target audience, as well as the goals and ambitions of the event organisers. It also ensures that we have a clear understanding of the type of event that they are aiming to deliver.

Based on this we can then look to design and develop a creative visual language, that is unique, one that will stand out in a crowd and resonate with the target audience.

Once we have an identity finalised we work with the delivery team to roll out the event marketing and communications, brand collateral, and social media campaigns as well as the onsite branding at the event itself. 

Your brand partner

When it comes to events we understand time is of the essence and it is key that all aspects of the delivery team run like clockwork. Reliability is also crucial. 

We have years of experience in delivering branding and collateral for events here in Dubai and across the Middle East a range of different events in all shapes and sizes. 

You can count on our team to deliver a cutting-edge identity but also as a partner to help ease the pressure on what is often a high-pressure environment, due to the nature of events and the tight deadlines that they bring. 

Contact us today to see how we can bring your event to life through our creative event branding and design. 


Our event branding process


To create the right branding for an event, we need to understand it as well as the organisers do. We need to understand the nature of the event and its purpose, the target audience, and the proposed outcomes.

We do this by sitting with the delivery team for a chat about their aims and aspirations, this will help us to develop our brief. 

Stage 2:

Once we have our brief we move into the concept creation stage. We always develop three concepts, these obviously include event logos but in addition to this,  we also look at colour palettes, font styles, photography, and secondary graphics. We also look at how that brand can play out across a range of collateral that will be required on and offline, e.g. advertising, social media, signage, and wayfinding. This approach gives us the foundations for creating a well-thought-through brand identity. 

Stage 3:
Concept development

After presenting the initial concepts to the event organisers, we will take on board the feedback and look to refine and fine-tune the branding to their exact requirements. This may involve looking at alternative colour palettes, tweaking the logo, or evolving the photography styles. 

Once finalised, we will create a Visual Style Guide (brand guidelines) that can be shared with all stakeholders in the event, to maintain consistency when it comes to implementing the brand.

Stage 4: 

Now we have the branding locked down we can start to implement it across and range of different channels and outputs. From the lead-up to the event, through marketing, advertising, social media, and the event website or app, through to the event itself where onsight branding, signage, and wayfinding will be required.  

Finally, after a successful event has been delivered we can look at the post-event requirements and start to think about the next edition. 


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