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If it's a high-end five-star restaurant, a new cocktail bar, or the launch of a new fast-food outlet, a signature brand identity plays a crucial role in the success of any new F&B venture, in Dubai and beyond.

Stand out from the crowd

When it comes to the F&B sector, especially here in the UAE, the competition is fierce. New dining outlets are opening every month, and so many restaurants, bars, and cafes are vying to become the city’s next new hangout to receive all the plaudits.

It’s for this reason that not only should the food and beverage be at the top of its game, but the branding and interiors must also be on point. Partnering with a reputable branding agency in Dubai can be a strategic move in this competitive market.

Food and drink are very much a sensory experience, but it's proven that consumers buy with their eyes, unfortunately not their taste buds, so branding your outlet is key to overcoming this hurdle.


A recipe for success

To build an F&B brand, we need to design and develop a strategy that will help to connect a concept with its target audience. We work with our clients to define a brand story that will resonate with potential consumers and form a strong bond and loyalty moving forward.

Our brand strategy team gets to the heart of what your brand is, who it aims to serve, and most importantly, gains a clear understanding of what makes it unique. We work closely with our clients, undertaking a series of conversations and workshops to extract the brand's mission, vision, and values and to ensure that we design and deliver a brand identity that aligns with the client's goals and ambitions.

Once we have finalised and agreed on the strategy, we can move into the concept creation stage.

Our F&B branding process


To create the perfect branding solution for a café, bar, or restaurant, we need to understand it as comprehensively as the people who run it. We need to learn about the concept and determine who it is catering to. We do this by having thorough conversations with the delivery team to really learn about the detail of their aims and aspirations.

Stage 2:

Now we move into the concept creation stage. This includes designing the logo, defining colour palettes, font, and photography styles, and creating secondary graphic devices. We explore and understand how that visual language can roll out across a range of collateral related to the concept, e.g. menus, consumables, advertising, social media, and internal brand implementation. This approach builds the core foundations for creating a well-thought-through identity that will make a real impact.

Stage 3:
Concept development

Once we present the initial concepts, we will collate the client feedback; based on this, we will look to refine and adapt the chosen concept if needed. This may involve looking at alternative colour palettes, tweaking the logo, or evolving the photography styles etc.

Once the brand is approved, we can look to create the brand assets, e.g. logo files, and define a visual style guide, that will give instructions on how the brand can be used moving forward.

Stage 4: 

It's now time to bring the brand to life in a live environment. This is often across multiple channels that include; on and offline marketing, advertising, social media, in-venue collateral, and the outlet's website.

We work closely with our clients as brand ambassadors to make sure their new identity is implemented seamlessly across every touchpoint required.

Get your concept started

We work with businesses big and small to design and develop clear, concise design solutions. If it's building a new F&B brand concept from scratch, redesigning a restaurant website, or executing a social media campaign for an existing venue - our design team, based in Dubai, are experts in delivering unique creativity to the hospitality industry.

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