Crafting cohesive corporate brand identities

Your brand needs to be consistent. A strong corporate identity gives your company credibility and helps build trust with your target audience by conveying a unified and distinctive image that resonates with your company values and mission.

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What we do

Yes, we help you nail that logo and branding design, but it’s much more than that. It’s about the whole concept, from colour palettes to brand typography, connecting graphics and link-throughs that give you a joined-up brand identity with maximum impact.

Our experienced team of branding designers, based at our design studio in Dubai, have many years of experience crafting unique identities that resonate with clients and customers. 

We have vast experience delivering successful branding projects across a wide range of sectors including; corporate, tech, lifestyle, eventseducationF&B and hospitality, hotels, sports, fitness and lifestyle, retail, and consulting, to name just a few. 


How we do it

We work with you from the first conversation to get the initial brief exactly right then back that up with thorough research into your business and your market, from customer feedback to sector formats and marketplace trends. We boil this down to a concentrated brand essence that says everything you want to say about your business in a single, joined-up brand identity.

We work with you from end-to-end, so that not only do you have the advantage of a single contact point throughout (and we’re happy to bounce ideas around with you all day long), but you get a work process that's continuous and cohesive, with no bottlenecks or breakdowns.

Our branding process

Stage 1:

The foundation of any great idea. At this stage, we work one-on-one with you to ensure we have the same understanding of the project so we can get our creative juices flowing. 

Stage 2:
Research & Analysis

We will work with any research already carried out by you and add to this to gain an understanding of the market and your competitors.

Stage 3:

Based on the findings from the research and analysis, we’ll look at how your brand will be positioned within the industry landscape. This phase also includes your brand’s purpose and values, if needed.

Stage 4:
Branding Development

Now we bring your brand to life. In presentation form, we will develop the visual identity and key messaging to showcase how your brand will look at multiple touchpoints and brand collateral.

Stage 5:

Your feedback is essential for us to nail your branding. In this phase, we will incorporate rounds of feedback from your side before final sign-off and approval.

Stage 6:

The day we’ve all been waiting for. Transferred to you into high-resolution format, your precious brand is now prepped and ready to be launched into the world.

Stage 7:

Once the brand is finalised it’s time for our team of designers and developers to roll out your brand across collateral, touchpoints, digital platforms, and marketing materials.
This phase also includes your brand’s purpose and values, if needed.


Why you need to
work with Formulate

You need to get three key things right for a brand to be successful – the design, the positioning, and the message. Brand identity isn’t just a stand-alone concept, it’s an integral and holistic part of your business. Our approach is to ensure that every aspect of your brand presence is consistent, contemporary, and credible so you deliver a premium experience to your customers.

We’re here to provide you with expertise garnered through years of working at branding agencies in Dubai and around the world and timeless appeal that makes your competitors go, “I wish I’d thought of that…”

Contact our branding team in Dubai today to discuss your branding project today. 


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