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Defining a lifestyle brand

The sporting, wellness, and lifestyle sectors have been one of the fastest growing over the last decade, with people paying more attention and focusing on their health, fitness, and lifestyle more than ever before.

This has led to a crowded market, where a company’s identity and graphic design have never played a more important role in defining its products and services.

If you operate in the sports, wellness, or lifestyle sectors, including sports clubs, physical gyms, barre studios, and yoga retreats, or offer physical lifestyle products like sportswear, nutritional supplements, sporting equipment, or sports tech, having a sports branding company or lifestyle branding company is crucial. Branding is key in creating an emotional connection between your business and its customers.


Creating a culture

Building a lifestyle brand is not just about selling a physical item or a membership; you are promoting the way of life behind it. You need to inspire and motivate your tribe to buy into your culture and ethos and join you on the journey. There is less focus on the product or membership itself, and the goal changes to contribute and enhance the definition of the customer's way of life.

Our sports and lifestyle branding team, based in Dubai, take a strategic approach to really understand what experience our client is trying to deliver to their audience, to be able to design and develop a brand that will truly inspire them. This helps us to not only define the offer but to differentiate the concept from its competitors.

Our lifestyle branding process

Stage 1: 

To create the right branding for your sporting wellness or lifestyle concept, our team needs to understand what you are aiming to achieve and who you are aiming to target. We will meet with you to ask a number of questions that will help us formulate our brief and define the scope of the project.

Stage 2:

Now that we have our outline brief, we can move forward with developing the brand identity concepts. This will include a minimum of two to three concepts that include the logos, colour palettes, font styles, photography, and secondary graphics. As part of this process, we also look at how these assets can be used across a range of collateral, related to the business. This helps the client to understand how they can be used together and visualise how the brand identity comes to life. 

Stage 3:
Concept development

We present the initial concepts for review and explain the rationale behind them. We aim to hit the mark the first time, but no doubt the client will have some feedback. Based on this, we look to refine or adapt the preferred concept to get to a point where the brand identity can be finalised, and a brand guideline document can be drawn up.

Stage 4: 

It's now time to unveil brand identity to the rest of the world. We can do this through a number of channels. For example, through the launch of a website, mobile app, or social media. Alternatively, this could be done by using more traditional methods, e.g. a brochure or a company profile. If the business has a physical location, then environment graphics, signage, or wayfinding may all be required, but whatever the client's preferred delivery, our team is on hand to help deliver a successful rollout for the new lifestyle brand concept.

Your lifestyle and recreatioal brand partner

We have experience working with and creating a number of high-profile lifestyle brands, including; Jumeirah Hotel's J Club, Parkour UAE and Barre Effect to name a few. 

Let our team work alongside you to build a brand that stands out to your audience and establishes trust and loyalty. Our comprehensive logo design branding and graphic services can help your business get off to the best possible start.

Contact our team today, to get your project started. 



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