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If it's fiction, nonfiction, a coffee table book, a yearbook, or a guidebook, the design, layout, and formatting all play a key role in enticing the reader and keeping them engaged.

Thoughtful design from cover to cover

When it comes to designing a book it's not only a good design cover that is key, to making the book attractive to the reader. The interior of a book is just as important.

There are many design decisions to be considered when it comes to designing a book for print and screen, as it influences how readers experience and interact with the content. These include spacing, margins, fonts, and image styles to name a few. 


Covering every detail

Below are the services we offer when it comes to book design...

Concept creation

Once we have your brief we develop at least two design concepts to determine the initial look and feel of the book design. This will be presented to the client and based on the feedback we will look to refine the design to move forward with. 


Formatting plays a key role when it comes to book design, it can make or break the overall design and ultimately impact the reader. Our layout designers apply consistent character and paragraph styles and add running heads and footers, etc throughout the document.

Page layout design

Layout design that transforms a standard book into one with well-created layouts that are appealing and simple to read. To perfectly meet your needs, our team of designers will trim the layout, alter the margins, create chapter openings and heads, as well as front and back matter, adjust the primary typeface, etc.

Adding images, illustrations & diagrams

We with the client to understand the content, which helps us tp determine the best way to present it. This could be in the format of a diagram or illustration, making it more digestible and easier for the reader to understand. We select appropriate imagery and organise, place, and position it to ensure that they don't look out of place or too cluttered. 


This part of the process involves putting the finishing touches to the book layout and organising of the  document. We refine the page layouts, add the index pages, and add, remove or relocate content and pages should it be required. Once this is finalised, we then prepare it for final publication.

Creative Book Layout Design Services

We provide creative layout designs for books and publications for clients across a wide range of sectors. Our team of professional typesetters and graphic designers, based in our studio in Dubai, are highly experienced in turning manuscripts, written and pictorial content into beautiful books.

If you are looking for a creative, efficient, and reliable, book layout design agency then contact us today to see how we can turn your manuscript into a physical publication. 


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