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There’s more than simply a logo, colours, and fonts when it comes to branding. Your visual identity comprises various aspects, including photography, but what exactly is brand photography, and why is it essential?

What is brand photography?

Brand photography is a collection of professional pictures that visually reflect your company and are consistent with your visual identity via the use of colours, tone, props, and settings.

These can contain images of you, your staff, your goods, your services, your location, and other elements that distinguish your company or brand.

While a great, professional headshot is vital for your LinkedIn profile or website 'About' page, it's just one piece of the branding jigsaw. You'll need a variety of consistent, well-crafted photographs to make your business look its best across all of your marketing materials.


Why does brand photography really matter?

You may have locked down your brand, colours, and typefaces, but if your photography doesn't match, you're falling at the last hurdle. Maintaining brand consistency requires that all of your visual aspects operate together cohesively. Businesses that are consistently represented are three to four times more likely to be seen, and 90% of customers want a consistent experience across all channels and devices used to connect with brands.

People establish first impressions in less than 50 milliseconds; therefore, everything you communicate must impress and do so quickly! Potential clients will notice that you value attention to detail, high-quality content, consistency, and great aesthetics - if you use high-quality, consistent, professional brand imagery.

How we can help your brand

You might be asking what the difference between brand imagery and brand image is. Simply put, brand image refers to how your consumers see your company. On the other hand, brand imagery symbolizes your goods through visual appearance or any pictures you use.

In this situation, visuals can take several forms: graphics, print materials, social media content, and so on. However, brand pictures are much more than just placeholders. They also mirror the style of your product and establish the tone for how you connect with your audience. Whether your brand is modern and minimalistic or classic and elegant, well-chosen photos can always engage your audience in a meaningful and emotional way.




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