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Logo design is one of our fortes. We understand that your logo is one of the first things people will notice when they come into contact with your brand, which is why it needs to make a very good first impression. Let us design your logo for you and we will ensure that it is not only memorable but that it also resonates with your brand identity.

A mark of quality

When building a brand identity, logos play a crucial role. We ensure that the brand marks we design are aligned with the brand strategy they're founded on, and that they fit seamlessly into the wider brand identity they sit within.

A strong logo mark is one that is aligned with your business, service, or industry. If you're a professional services company (rather than a product company), simplicity is usually best. Logos are designed to set you apart from the competition and encourage brand loyalty through the meaning it has built within it. It establishes trust by demonstrating your professionalism and encourages consumers to stay loyal. It informs potential customers about who you are, what you do, and how you might help them.


Logo types

The term "logo" encompasses all the markings that represent your company. A logo can often be categorised into the following types:

  • A wordmark that is made up of a single word or words

  • A lettermark is a mark that only contains one letter or an abbreviation

  • A logomark is a mark that only comprises a symbol.

  • An emblem is a wordmark, lettermark, or logomark contained within a form that's crucial to the overall design

  • A combination mark, which combines a symbol and a wordmark or a letter and a wordmark

Our logo design process

Our mission is to design a logo that will not only represent your business but one that also works seamlessly with your brand identity. Below is our process for how we achieve this.

Stage 1: Briefing

We need to gain a clear understanding of your business, your mission, and your vision to allow us to start designing a brand identity and a logo, which is a key component of the identity.

Stage 2: Design

Once we understand the brief, our team of logo designers will work together to start designing a range of ideas for us to review internally. We will then build upon these initial concepts and look at how they can work holistically with the broader identity concepts.

Stage 3: Refinement

Once we have the concepts finalised, it's time to present them to you. Based on your feedback, we look to refine the chosen concept. This may involve amending the typography or looking at alternative colour palettes.

Stage 4: Rollout

Once the logo and the brand identity are approved, it's time to implement the identity and unleash it into the world. We can help you roll out your new brand identity over any brand collateral your business may require.

Work with us

At Formulate, we will design and develop a logotype that best encapsulates your business. We will create a memorable mark that will define your business and convey a sense of quality and trust.

We have years of experience developing logos for clients, including Charter Schools, Uma at the Burj Al Arab, DNA Recruitment, and J Club to name a few. 

Contact the Formulate team today to see how we can define your brand and leave a lasting mark on your business.


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