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From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Tik Tok, Formulate social media design agency Dubai creates compelling content for all your channels.

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Engaging, fast and visual: social media is an essential part of 21st-century branding, enabling you to reach thousands of new customers and stay in touch with established clients quickly and easily. We’re all familiar with social media, but are you using it to your best advantage when it comes to promoting your brand?


Social media and
your brand identity

Social media content allows you to instantly connect with your audience around the world. It can raise the profile of your brand identity, centring it on every phone, laptop, and device. At Formulate, we prioritise this aspect of your brand strategy, and can show you exactly how to get the most out of every tweet, post and story.

Forget about flash-in-the-pan ideas that last no more than a day. We’ll show you the difference between content that's trending and content that's just trendy. We’re here to build you a sustainable, high-profile social media identity that lasts with content that engages.

How we do it

We use years of experience and specialist techniques to create a buzz around your social media content. We show you how to get the maximum impact from short, 240-character tweets, or build up newsletters through social media campaigns. Engagement is the key, and at Formulate we know what grabs social media audiences’ attention.

Don’t think that it’s just for young companies, either. If you’re an established brand but your social media footprint is non-existent, we’ll fix that for you.


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You can drop us a DM or get LinkedIn with Formulate and we’ll take you to the next level. If you prefer to do things old-school, call us or use our contact form.