It can be tough to know whether to hire a freelancer or an agency in Dubai for your branding and/or graphic design needs.

With the likes of Fiverr and Upwork around, it’s never been easier to find a freelancer who can do the job for a fraction of the price.

But your decision should certainly not be based on price alone. In fact, there's a handful of considerations you need to take into account before making your final decision…

Let's run through 5 key reasons why you might be better off working with a local agency over a freelancer for your next branding project:

#1 — You get a team of experts

When you hire an agency in Dubai, you’re not just getting one person. You’re gaining access to a team of experts with different skill sets, perspectives, and ideas.

This is why, although they’ll typically cost more than freelancers, the two major benefits you get in return are creative diversity and peace of mind that the job will be done right.

With more creative brains working on your project - whether it’s a website design, a logo, or a complete rebrand - you’re much more likely to end up with something that perfectly represents your business to a tee.

#2 — Communication is stronger

The feast-or-famine nature of freelancing can mean that some weeks you’ll get a lot of attention, and others you might not hear from them at all…

This can be a nightmare if you’re on a tight deadline to get the likes of a new website up and running or if you need corporate design urgently for an upcoming event.

When you’re working with an agency, on the other hand, there's always that added layer of communication and support, so you can rest assured that your project is on track and you're being kept in the loop every step of the way.

#3 — You can build a long-term relationship

Rather than having to start from scratch with a new freelancer every time you need something designed, you can continue working with the same team who already knows your business inside out.

This brings more opportunities to build a long-term relationship and grow with them as your business develops.

Plus, over time, this will save you both time and money as the agency will already be familiar with your style, preferences, and target audience - meaning they can get to work on your project much faster.

#4 — There’s less risk involved

There are plenty of extremely talented freelancers out there, but finding one you can trust to deliver on their promises can be a gamble.

If you're working with a freelancer outside of the UAE and they decide to do a disappearing act halfway through your project, you could be left in a sticky situation.

When you work with an agency in Dubai, however, you're protected by things like service-level agreements, contracts, and payment terms, so with higher-stake projects, there'll be more stability and security in knowing that your project is in good hands.

#5 — You get a wider range of services

The great thing about working with an agency is that they can offer a comprehensive service, whereas a freelancer may only have expertise in one specific area.

It could be that you need a corporate identity design, but also a new website to go along with it. Or, it might be that you need help on the social media front, too.

An agency will be able to take care of everything under one roof - making your life a whole lot easier in the process instead of having to outsource to different freelancers.

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