Charter schools branding

Creating a new brand for Charter Schools that captured the synergy between three key stake-holders.


Charter Schools is a unique partnership between the government and the private sector that provides an alternative education in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Three private educational operators, Aldar Education, Bloom and Taaleem offer innovative learning practices and stimulating environments that provide a truly transformational journey for students.

The brief was to come up with an iconic logo and brand identity that represented this synergy, and captured the inclusiveness and dynamism of the schools.

This fascinating project was a real challenge – to develop a brand identity that represented three very distinct elements within a single logo – the Public Sector, the Private Sector, and the School Community. We were given a clear brief.

Of all the various elements, the logo was the key. The concept was to create a three-tier design, representing the school and students (the focal point of the logo), the private sector and the support of the public sector, creating one identity all focused on the same goal.


The project involved:

  • Branding & Logo Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Stationery
  • Signage

A choice of just three complementary and harmonising colours formed a very simple yet impactful palette, while the font was kept clean and simple (in both Arabic and English) so that the message wasn’t muddied by an overly-fussy typeface.

All of this was transferable across the brand for both online and collateral branding, including the school's stationery, signage, and parental booklets, as well as the website and online platforms.

Capturing the uniqueness of the brand and the fact that three elements come together to form a nurturing, supportive framework that surrounds the students is captured perfectly in this simple yet highly effective logo. The supporting branding development and a series of clear, concise brand guidelines completed the project.

This brief demonstrated our clarity of thought and understanding of an apparently simple yet highly specific concept. The result is a bold and instantly recognisable logo and brand identity that captures the unique nature of the client’s business.


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