Graphic design and brand collateral

Cohesion is the name of the game when it comes to branding. Everything has to link in (both on and offline). This reinforces the brand identity, and creates a visual impact that your customers can immediately identify with and relate to, whether it’s on an advertising hording or the side of a fleet vehicle.

Passionate about design

At Formulate, our roots are firmly embedded in graphic design – our founders, Theo and Dan, both started their careers as graphic designers. Today, they bring all their expertise, experience and creativity and incorporate it into everything they do for you. You’ll be working directly with Theo and Dan, or rather, they’ll be working directly with you!


Why graphic
design matters

Without a graphic designer, there’s no logo, no visual markers for your brand, no positive affirmation. Design is the first thing that grabs your customers’ attention - without graphic design, a website is just a page of text that won’t even make it onto Google’s radar. As search engines put as much importance on visual content as keywords or text, top quality graphic design is a vital part of your online presence.

What we do

We take your ideas, your ‘napkin sketches’ and your rough doodles and turn them into something special. Working with you directly, our graphic designers in Dubai can see your vision and using their digital skills, give it life. If you’re after a brand-new look for an innovative product or new business, or a revamp that retains the essence of your established identity but freshens things up, we can help.

Get creative with Formulate, one of the most dynamic graphic design agencies in Dubai. 


Graphic design and brand collateral case studies


Ready to look your best?

For contemporary graphic design and collateral you can be proud of, give us a call. Whether you need help realising your idea or need ideas to realise your goals, let’s Formulate your plan together.