The first day of January 2021 and the Formulate Creative team are looking forward to getting stuck into the year ahead. We are excited to deliver a range of; branding, graphic design and website projects for clients here in the UAE and beyond.

Theo Adamson
Formulate founding partner Theo Adamson looking forward to 2021

As we looked to start the year on a positive note, our founding partner Theo Adamson looks forward to the year ahead, in an interview with Gulf News...

For Theo Adamson, a British expat in Dubai, 2021 is about being “cautiously optimistic”. The 38-year-old former freelancer said the pandemic gave him “time to reflect”, leading to his decision to start a business, called Formulate Creative, together with another partner, Dan Brown. “As a freelancer, I was working long hours and all the pressure was on myself to deliver. It’s always been an ambition of mine to start my own business. So it was sort of a natural transition from a freelancer to a small branding and design agency ... It might be the worst time to do it, or it might be the best time to do it. But if I never do it, I’ll never know,” added Adamson.

“Everyone’s talking about being freelancers nowadays, but there’s another side to it, where you start as a freelancer and hopefully you develop and grow into a company and as this happens, you can obviously support the bounce-back of the economy.”

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